Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer Review: Why Should You Buy It?

Finally a proper Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer review! Here we have one of the favorite elliptical machines by the people. With its low price, patented elliptical motion and smooth performance you are also going to fall in love with it. Let’s review this affordable elliptical.

The price is very low: $109.98. It’s way under $300! This is the kind of machine almost anyone can afford. And don’t worry, because even though it’s cheap, its performance will amaze you.

Reviewing Its Performance:

Body Rider Fan Elliptical TrainerWho cares if it’s cheap if the performance is bad? We have to tell you that the Body Rider Fan Elliptical Trainer is one of the best budget elliptical machines you will find in the market.

First off, let’s start with the fact that it comes with a patented elliptical motion, which makes it work smoothly and very well. If you are looking for a great workout, then you are going to get it with this pick.

You will love how it trains your legs and core as well as your arms. Thanks to the handlebars you will work out your arms and activate more muscles, and you should know that this will help you a lot at the hour of burning fat.

It makes a great budget elliptical. It doesn’t make a lot of noise, it’s the quietest machine from our listing, being the Plasma Fit Elliptical Machine Trainer 2 In 1 the loudest.

The only issue we have to mark out is that it doesn’t offer resistance at all. It could be okay with a machine like Stamina InMotion, which is designed to be used while sitting or under a desk, but we expected this elliptical to offer more resistance so you can progress further once you adapt to the standard level of resistance.

And well, it’s also very sturdy. It doesn’t feel weak at all, despite being so low-priced. If you don’t weight over 200 pounds, then this elliptical is all you need to work out at home and obtain results!

And it’s also excellent to see that it comes with a great workout video, so you can get started with it and start getting results from the first day.

Finally, the workout computer is pretty useful. Nothing sort of extraordinary, but it counts calories burned, speed, distance and time.

In terms of performance, taking into account its low price, it’s a fantastic pick you should consider if your budget is low and yet expect to get a decent elliptical.

The Assembly:

It comes with many pieces, and you are likely to spend around 2 hours assembling it. And when you start doing it, you will notice that all the parts that compose this elliptical are pretty sturdy and durable.

You can always hire someone else to do it, but with the manual and some patience, you will have it ready for you to use it. We can say that the process is easier than with the Exerpeutic Aero Air Elliptical.


This affordable elliptical machine is a pretty decent choice. It’s sturdy, works silently and smoothly, gives your arms a pretty good workout as well and is very easy to assemble (less than 2 hours in most cases).